About Us

Top Veneer Supplier with A Diversified Product Portfolio

Ho Bridge Enterprise Ltd was established by Ms. Sandy Lee in June 1998. The 10,000 square meters (107,638 square foot) factory is located in Changhua, Taiwan. Insisting on top quality and customer services, Ho Bridge has developed into an international and reputable wood veneer manufacturer and supplier from its humble beginning.

Ho Bridge Enterprise Ltd has the following business units:

Ho Bridge: B2B manufacturer and supplier for natural wood veneer and veneering supplies such as edge banding and veneer tapes.
Veneer Arts: Studio for creative art based on inlay.
Top Wood Deco: Supplier of wood and wood veneer for flooring, home décor, and tailor-made solid wood tabletops for Taiwan's local market.

Our businesses include the manufacture and sales of nature wood veneer, veneer tape, edgebanding, wood-based backer (gatorply), and crossband. We produce high-quality wood veneer, which can be used for a wide range of applications, such as furniture, cabinet, door, yacht interior, dashboard, home renovation, inlay, school projects, and DIYs.
Our ideal location of being at the heart of the Pan Asia region gives us the advantage of providing efficient and timely distribution. We have manufactured and exported wood veneer to markets around the world. Our markets cover Asia, Africa, Europe, the USA, and Oceania.

Premium Quality Wood Veneer - The Refinement of 0.6mm

Based on decades of wood trading and manufacturing experience, Ho Bridge grasps the quintessence of the veneer. We mainly manufacture and supply veneer of 0.6 mm , which is the optimal thickness by the European standard and of premium quality. To ensure the top quality of our wood veneer, Ho Bridge quality control team controls the optimal thickness and other quality indices, such as length and width, size, and moisture content.

Comprehensive Customer Services

Ho Bridge provides the potential and current customers with all-round services, from pre-order sampling to after-sales services. We arrange factory tours to give our customers a sneak peek of how we process and work with natural veneer. We also offer free samples at the customer’s request (shipping and duties paid by the customer). To cater to the customer’s needs, we also offer flexible export/import terms.

Wood Veneer Manufacturer and Supplier with Environment in Mind

Since Ho Bridge produces and supplies products from nature, we owe gratitude to nature. Therefore, we care about our environment and the well-being of our product users. During our manufacturing process, we do not use formalin and other chemicals. Ho Bridge Enterprise Ltd is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). We protect not only the user of our products but also the forest!