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Reliable, Profesional, and Efficiently are three main points that there're many long term customers around the world cooperate with Ho Bridge around the world.
We, Ho Bridge, offer wood veneer management whereby the veneer selection is controlled, no matther for doors, architecture deco, panelling, furnitrue, floor...etc. are well coordinated.
All the veneers are stocked at our warehouse facility in Taiwan for selection and viewing.

wood veneer applied materials

In order to provide just in time service to customers, Ho Bridge holds unrivalled stocks of various nature wood veneers for furniture manufactures, door producers, flooring factories, cabinet making companies, architecture design decoration, comercial and residential projects,.....etc.; after understand the needs/ requirements from customers, our experienced veneer team will prepare suitable wood veneer on each order, helping customers enable to produce fine quality joinery products and meet demanding delivery dates.

wood veneer applied materials
Veneer Sheets

Ho Bridge offers custom made veneer sheets, also knowns as "Layons". Our experienced and skilled staffs make veneer sheets based on customers needs, such as size, color, certain characters, and the way of match veneer sheets (book matching, slip matching, random matching, and pleasing matching.), helping customers to control the quality and cost.

wood veneer applied materials

Despite of layons, we also provide custom made veneer inlays services. Based on our abundant inventory and expertise in selecting, cutting and matching the veneers, and our skill in using the natural variation of the material to produce the finest and unique results for archeticts and designers.

wood veneer applied materials

Being a veneer supplier, we, Ho Bridge, are not just supply materials. Over 30 years experiences, we accumulate abundant experiences and knowledge on wood veneers. Therefore, customers are willing to share their idea or what problem they meet with us for advice.