Frequently Asked Questions

What are the characteristics of natural wood veneer?

The characteristics of natural wood veneer are as follows:

  1. Diverse Texture and Color:
    Each tree's growth rings, growth environment, and different cutting methods contribute to the varied texture, quality, and color changes in wood veneer.

  2. Natural Aesthetics:
    Dating back to ancient times, humans have had a deep affinity for wood. The textures, colors, and quality exhibited by natural wood veneer add warmth, comfort, and a sense of friendliness to interior spaces, reflecting the beauty and vitality of nature unlike synthetic materials.

  3. Environmental Sustainability and Reusability:
    Natural wood veneer is a sustainable, recyclable, and long-lasting material. Selecting wood from sustainably managed forests ensures a reliable, well-maintained, environmentally friendly, and sustainable source.

  4. Durability:
    Under normal conditions, wooden products (such as furniture, wood veneer decorative panels, wooden flooring, etc.) have a long lifespan if not intentionally damaged.

These are general specialties of nature wood veneer; however, each wood species with different features, such as density, moisture content, cost ….etc. Therefore, be considered to select the right/ suitable wood veneer is necessary and important.


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